King of the potty

My one and a half year old son is showing a lot of interest in potty training. I guess I should be excited about the idea of getting rid of diapers, but his excitement about sitting on the potty results in quite a few meltdowns. He wants to get on, but he don’t wanna get off, like ever. You’d think he would get bored just sitting there, but he very much enjoys tearing off tiny sheets of toilet paper and throwing them in the potty. So he sits there, and sits there and sits there.
He spent the day with grandma this Sunday, and I was talking to her on the phone after she got him out of the bath tub, and I told her—“He loves to go to the potty.”
She quickly responded in an exhausted tone, “Ohhhhh, I know….He spent about an hour on the potty earlier!”
I just laughed, because I can imagine what a hard time dear, sweet grandma has getting him out of the bathroom. Mean old mommy (me) literally has to drag him out of the bathroom kicking and screaming “Potty! Potty! Pottyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” on a daily basis.
He has been successful in going to the potty like a big boy a few times, but it’s always within the first minute or two. The next twenty minutes is just him sitting there playing with toilet paper, tearing it to pieces and bouncing around.
Of course I have to keep a close eye on the little turkey with so many sources of water around, so it makes for a long-haul. Ironically, I can think of no other activity for which Tucker will sit in one spot for longer than 30 seconds. The toilet just happens to be the one place he likes to chill. Daddy likes the big blue recliner. Me and sissy like the reclining couch, and Tucky…..he just likes the cold, hard toilet seat!
I know potty training is a necessity, but I dread it because of the huge fit he throws when I tell him….. “Tucky, it’s time to flush!”