JV Team Tennis beats East Central

In their first tournament of the season, the Devine JV Tennis Team has beaten East Central 8-3. Their first tournament of the season was cancelled due to weather but the Warhorses and Arabians came out strong against East Central for the win on Thursday. However when they travelled to Uvalde on Friday, they fell short at 10-14 but still played some great matches.
JV vs. East Central: Ruger Cote/Ethan Gelinas won 8-0. Hector Garza/Damian Araujo lost 1-8. Ted Hinkle/Tommie Hinkle lost 3-8. Lucas Head/Ethin Erwin won 8-1. Isaiah Camacho/Antonio Leija lost 3-8. Felix Mendoza/Adam Moreno won 9-7. Brooks Poppe/Jilliyn Guajardo won 9-7. Abbie Dominguez/Makayla won 8-3. Brianna Schaefer/Iris Stricker won 8-0. Abby Saunders/Trinity Spurgers won 8-6. Bailey Ornelas/Alanna Monreal won 8-2.
JV vs. Uvalde: Ruger Cote/Ethan Gelinas lost 3-8. Hector Garza/Damian Araujo lost 4-8. Ethin Erwin/Brooks Poppe won 9-7. Isaiah Camacho/Antonio Leija lost 1-8. Adam Moreno/Felix Mendoza lost 1-8. Abbie Dominguez/Makayla Breiten won 8-0. Jilliyn Guajardo/Abby Saunders won 9-8. Alanna Monreal/Trinity Spurgers lost 5-8. Cote lost 3-8. Gelinas lost 3-8. Garza lost 1-8. Araujo lost 3-8. Erwin won 8-2. Poppe lost 0-8. Camacho lost 1-8. Leija lost 4-8. Moreno lost 3-8. Mendoza lost 1-8. Dominguez won 8-6. Breiten won 8-1. Iris Stricker/ Brianna lost 3-8. Brianna Schaefer won 8-2. Stricker won 8-4. Guajardo won 8-1. Saunders won 8-2. Spurgers lost 0-8.
The JV team will head to La Vernia on Thursday and then to Tuloso-Midway with the Varsity on Saturday.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer