JV Arabians take 3rd in Cole tournament

At the Cole tournament the JV Arabains brought home 3rd place. The Arabians began with a slow start. After finding their rhythm they moved the ball well against their opponent’s zone. With a final score of 34-23, McClellan scored 9 points 8 rebounds, Pompa 7 points 3 rebounds, Garza 7 points 2 rebounds, Aaron 4 points 5 rebounds, Howard 3 points 5 rebounds, Philippi 2 points 1 rebound, Weyel 1 rebound, and Rodriguez 2 points 6 rebounds.
LaVernia proved to be a tougher opponent and Devine lost 17-38.
“The girls kept pushing and doing some good things even though things weren’t going our way,” said Coach McIver.
Rodriguez scored 10 points with 8 rebounds, Aaron 4 points 1 rebound, McClellan 2 points 8 rebounds, Pompa 1 point 4 rebounds, Garza 2 rebounds, and Howard 2 rebounds.
In the 3rd place game against Lytle, Devine pushed hard despite still having shooting problems and won 30-19. “We were able to pressure Lytle, get some steals and get some easy baskets,” said Coach McIver.
Aaron scored 7 points with 7 rebounds, Pompa 6 points 7 rebounds, Rodriguez 4 points 3 rebounds, Weyel 4 points, Morales 2, and McClellan 2 points.
The JV Arabians have a season record of 9-4.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer