Jonathan, 17, loves to travel

Jonathan is a 17 year old fun and easy going teenager. He enjoys learning new things and looks forward to finding his forever family parents, who will help guide him as he grows into adulthood. He would like his future forever family to know he may be reserved at first, but will show his personality once he gets to know you.

 Jonathan has dreams of traveling to different places, and would like to share those experiences with a family of his own. And traveling is part of his curious nature as he enjoys asking questions and learning about new things.

Jonathan has multiple indoor activities likes, such as watching movies or YouTube videos. He also enjoys playing video games.  He especially likes basketball and riding his skateboard. He is a big skater boy.  

 Jonathan is ready for adoption, where he can feel loved, secure, and accepted, and if his future forever family has older children or others who are his age, that would be great, as he would like to have siblings.

 If you think you could be Jonathan’s forever family or for another Texas child please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or visit  where the schedule of adoption information meeting for Texas are posted.