Homeowner and neighbor track hiding burglar, police surround suspect

The Bohles were enjoying dinner and relaxing when a man burglarized their truck, and honked the horn by accident. It was around 9 pm this past Sunday evening. The homeowner ran outside and he and his neighbor jumped in his truck to follow the suspect as he ran down the street, hiding in yards in the neighborhood.
“I was working the SA Stock show, and as I was coming home that evening, my wife asked me to pick up some food,” said Mr. Bohle.
Little did he know, there would be another rodeo waiting for him at home that night.

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“So I went through the drive-thru window, and when I paid I stuck my wallet in my cup holder, thinking I would get it when I got home. When I got home, we sat down in our recliners to eat and watch TV, and all of a sudden, I heard my horn honk outside. I went out and heard my neighbors hollering that someone was in my truck, and I saw him running down the sidewalk. My neighbor had already called the police, so I told him I was gonna drive down there, and my neighbor said ‘I’ll come with you.’ The guy ducked down and was hiding in another neighbor’s yard when they pulled in the driveway and saw him, so he took off running again.”
The suspect ended up about a block and a half down away on the street that goes to Walmart. As the neighbor kept police up to date on where the suspect was located, they just kept eyes on him.
“So we drove down, and just as we pulled up to the guy again, four police cars pulled up and surrounded him,” Bohle said. “When they asked me what was missing, I realized my wallet was gone, and so the police walked back and found my wallet which he had thrown. So they picked it up along with cash that has flown out as he ran. I came up a little short on cash, but I got most of it back thanks to Hondo PD. The next morning, I realized that he had stolen my jacket too, so I contacted the jail, and sure enough, they said it is there. My neighbor is a good guy. They watch out for us, and we watch out for them,” Bohle adds.
A press release from Hondo PD states, “Officers were able to detain a male subject. While continuing the investigation, it was noticed that the subject had dropped a clear baggie of methamphetamines from his person that later weighed over 7 grams. Witnesses identified the male subject as the person observed inside the victim’s vehicle.”
“Hondo Police Officers walked the area from the point of contact to the site of the burglary and located a wallet and belongings scattered on the ground that belonged to the victim and reported to have been in the vehicle. Officers later learned that the jacket the suspect was wearing also belonged to the victim. The suspect was placed under arrest, transported, and booked into the Medina County Jail for Burglary of a Motor Vehicle and Possession of a Controlled Substance-Penalty Group 1>=4grams<200 grams.”

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