High speed pursuit tops 154 mph; suspect takes dangerous detour through Devine, Natalia

A suspect in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat came barreling through Medina County Sunday afternoon, on I-35 Southbound, and then took a dangerous detour through local cities, coming through Devine around 5:11 pm.
Somehow, perhaps by the Grace of God, the vehicle did not strike any other vehicles that local officials know of.
Sheriff Randy Brown said, “At some point a trooper clocked it at 150 MPH. The driver exited at Natalia and drove through the cities of Natalia and Devine before going back up the access road. When I heard the call, I went up to Moore and spotted him. The suspect continued and went down 57 into Frio County where the car was abandoned.”
The driver took Hwy 132 all the way from Natalia to Devine, according to Devine PD stated “it was just a blur” as he passed through town.
The suspect did strike a few mail boxes, but no major damage to other vehicles was reported.
Beware of your surroundings, local law enforcement warns, because high speed pursuits have become a common thing on local interstates. There are multiple pursuits nearly every week, according to DPS, most of which come up I-35 from counties south of us. This pursuit, clocked at 150 MPH, was certainly out of the ordinary, but a local law enforcement officer does remember one about 9 years ago which even got up to 156 MPH in Frio County.
Officials say the suspect abandoned the vehicle on a rural county road in Frio County and fled.
If you have any information, Call Medina County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-367-2833. You do not have to give your name.

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