Half an inch rain

Last measurable rain we got was half an inch on May 26. That made the total for the year 4.9 inches…pretty bad. This time last year, we already had 19.6 inches. Some of y’all ain’t prayin hard enough or often enough.
Very short meeting last week. Guess the main topic of discussion was Corrections Officer wages. Getting someone to work with these caged misfits and paying them enough to do it has become difficult…to say the least. I realize that some are there as a result of a mistake or a bad decision but, most are there because they cannot function in society and follow its rules.
We extended the temporary employee position in the Auditor’s Office through the end of the Fiscal year, approved a grant application for bullet proof vests and all the other pomp and circumstance that goes with Commissioners Court meetings.
We are going to start on our Budget soon. There are four meetings scheduled at this time…June 23rd at 10 AM, June 28th at 10 AM, June 30th at 1 PM and July 5th at 10 AM. These meetings are open to the public and I invite those interested to attend. This year is gonna be interesting.
By now, folks should have received their appointed date to protest their ridiculously high appraisals. Be sure to take some type of justification for your protest because without some type of substantial argument, it will fall on deaf ears.
I missed the meeting where the Appraisal District voted on and passed their proposed Budget for next year. Will have more on this later.
Happy upcoming birthday to Bobbie DuBose and Johnnie Fay (Mawmaw) Evans. I think they both have reached at least 45.