Gonzales executed….

2001 Capital Murder Case went unsolved for almost two years before confession of kidnapping/murder

PRESS RELEASE by Medina County District Attorney’s Office June 27, 2024–On June 26, 2024, Ramiro Felix Gonzales was executed for the rape and murder of 18-year-old Bridget Townsend. The death penalty is something that is never taken lightly by the State of Texas.
In the case of Ramiro Gonzales, he had a fair trial and he confessed to the crime and led authorities to her body. Prior to his confession, the family of Bridget Townsend had to deal with the uncertainty of Bridget’s fate for a year and nine months. After the discovery of her body, the family has had to endure the repeated reminders of their loved one’s murder as every appellate effort was exhausted during the 18 years following the jury’s death penalty verdict.
“Heinous actions call for severe consequences and nothing can bring back Bridget Townsend. Those intending to commit a capital murder must know that the State of Texas will seek and carry out the death penalty when the facts and circumstances call for it,” said Medina County Criminal District Attorney Mark Haby.
“Nothing about an execution is easy. Nothing about losing a loved one to murder is easy. However, it seems to be a fitting end that the defendant was executed on the birthday of the person he killed, Bridget Townsend. May both their souls find peace,” Haby adds.
Background of the case:

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