Devine council hopes to reduce speed limit on part of Hwy 173 in Devine from 45 to 35 MPH

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Parking on either side of Oak Hill Drive prohibited

By Anton Riecher
The Devine City Council voted unanimously at its June 18th meeting to prohibit parking on both sides of Oak Hill Drive near Wal-Mart due to ongoing complains about dangerous traffic and pedestrian conditions.
Acting on a suggestion by Devine Fire Chief Greg Atkinson, the council voted to establish a fire lane on both sides of Oak Hill Drive. The motion was made by District 5 Council Member Debbie Randall and seconded by District 3 Council Member Jeff Miller.
Police reported that despite previous action to restrict parking to the north side of Oak Hill Drive at least 26 citations have been issued in the past year to drivers of 18 wheelers parked illegally. The large trucks restrict access to emergency vehicles, particularly fire trucks.
Because many of those drivers are Mexican nationals traveling the Interstate 35 corridor collecting parking fines remains difficult, police said.
Mayor Butch Cook reported that the management at…