Freshman Warhorses make dominant start

The Freshman Warhorses have made a dominate start to their season, winning three of their first four games. Led by Coach Quenton Sanders, the team is made up of Quenton Sanders, Samuel Guardiola, Shayne Scarbrough, Jordan Roberts, Elijah Sanchez, Jonathan Weinkam, Josiah Martinez, Makhi Burford, Brandon Martinez, and Jose Morales. This young team is ready for the challenges of high school, both on and off the court.
“Our current record is 3-1, and the season has been going very well. This team is loaded with depth and potential, which is exciting as a coach. So far throughout the season we have had different kids step up each game. One game it’s Sammy Guardiola running the point and being a great facilitator of our offense. The next it is Quenton Sanders hitting the 3 ball at a high level. The next game it is Elijah Sanchez bringing energy and effort that empowers the whole team or it is Jordan Roberts scoring 8 fourth quarter points to help lead us to victory. Jonathan Weinkam and Jose Morales have also been great sparks for the Warhorses. One thing that has been consistent is our defense! Our goal every game is to hold our opponent to under 40 points a game. We have done that so far in every game this season. We still have a lot to learn and tons of improvement, but I do like where we are right now as a ball club.” Coach Sanders
In their first game against Uvalde on November 7th, the Freshmen were down 7-14 at the end of the first quarter and slowly fought their way from behind. Trailing 27-28 at the end of the third, they knew they had just a few minutes left in the fourth to get the win. Their strong defense and determination helped them outscore Uvalde 19-8 and earn the 46-36 victory.
Points: Guardiola 12, Roberts 2, Sanchez 6, Weinkam 4, J. Martinez 5, B. Martinez 11, Morales 6. Q1 7-14, Q2 19-22, Q3 27-28, Q4 46-36. FTP 50%.
November 20th against Marion, the team suffered their first loss of the season. They fell 29-34 after trailing each quarter. They fought hard but were unprepared for the Marion aggression.
Points: Sanders 2, Guardiola 15, Roberts 1, Weinkam 5, B. Martinez 3, Morales 3. Q1 2-9, Q2 13-18, Q3 19-26, Q4 29-34. FTP 50%.
Stockdale was a big win for the Freshmen. They came out strong and with a powerful offense, they own 56-28. Sanders and Guardiola both shot double digits while six other Warhorses added to the scoreboard.
Points: Sanders 11, Guardiola 12, Scarbrough 4, Roberts 8, Sanchez 3, Weinkam 9, J. Martinez 6, B. Martinez 3. Q1 11-6, Q2 23-13,. Q3 44-25, Q4 56-28. FTP 50%.
When they faced Marion again on November 24th, the Freshmen were prepared for everything Marion had. The defense stopped Marion’s drives and regained control of the ball. The Warhorses shut down Marion every chance they got and won the game 32-24.
Guardiola 5, Roberts 10, Sanchez 2, Weinkam 6, B. Martinez 9. Q1 9-3, Q2 11-8, Q3 20-158, Q4 32-24. FTP 25%.
The Freshman team will face Pearsall on December 4th and in Natalia on Dec. 5th. They will play Hondo at home next Tuesday.
By Dicy Chambers
Staff Writer