Family of 8 hit hard by coronavirus

I’m getting tired of hearing that COVID -19 is just like the flu, it’s a hoax, it’s a political ploy or stop being sheep and believing what the media is portraying. COVID -19 is in fact real and it’s here and it’s affecting my family.

It started last week when my mom called and informed me that one of my younger sisters was taken to the hospital for having trouble breathing. She said she thought it was her asthma. However, I knew! I knew it wasn’t! I remember thinking oh no she has it.

My fears were confirmed when my mom called early the next morning to tell me my sister had pneumonia due to COVID-19. It hit like a ton of bricks. Little did I know that was the beginning. After talking to my mom some more she informed me that my sister’s son was on an antibiotic and had lost his sense of smell and taste but it could possibly be a side effect of the medicine. Nope! I called Little Alsace Urgent Care and left a message for Dr. Neel. Asked my mom to do the same. Dr. Neel called later that day and gave them his COVID -19 regimen.

Luckily, a friend on Facebook posted the regimen so I had ordered all of it on Amazon to have just in case. Coincidentally, the vitamins and melatonin were delivered the day my mom called to tell me my sister had tested positive.

The next day my mom called to tell me my dad, who has a compromised immune system, was showing symptoms. My mom suffers from Lupus and had lost her sense of taste. That’s 8 members of my family who were attacked by this virus.

Everyone is on the regimen recommended by Dr. Neel. On day 5 and they still weren’t feeling totally better until we changed the kind of melatonin that they were taking. My dad was getting worse. He was having difficulty breathing and a high fever.

They started taking the regimen 5 days ago, and I am sure it would have been worse if they hadn’t, but everyone is different in the way they respond.  However, it’s been 5 days and fortunately none of them have been hospitalized. The regimen seems to be keeping them well enough to stay home.

103.7 to Fever Free

On Monday, a friend contacted me and asked about my family and I told her how my dad was still having difficulty breathing. She asked if he was taking the fast dissolving melatonin. Well he wasn’t. She dropped some fast dissolving melatonin off and he took it and the next morning he woke up fever free. From 103.7 to fever free!

I attribute that to the fast dissolving melatonin and prayers. Another thing I’d like to say is thank you to Dr. Neel who has stayed in contact with them. He calls and checks to see how they are doing and adjust their regimen as required.

The kind that worked for them is called 21st Century Fast Dissolve Melatonin. The important thing is that it is fast dissolve.

Why am I writing this? The only answer is to be informative. My parents, my sister and her family took precautions. They did everything right! This virus doesn’t care! Please wear a mask when in public. Please stop having parties. Please take this seriously! This isn’t a hoax! It’s not a political ploy! None of us are sheep by wearing a mask! Listen to the CDC. Stop thinking it can’t happen to you. Stop thinking this is just like the flu because it’s not! COVID-19 is here and it’s hit our community with a bang. Please be safe.

Due to the stigma of this virus I thought about signing this anonymously, but we wanted to share our story to help others.

Sincerely, Mrs. Zapata

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