4 generations….. Meyers join team at Little Alsace Urgent Care and Family Practice

Dr. John Meyer and his daughter Dr. Emily Meyer have recently moved their practice to the Alsace Urgent Care and Family Practice clinic in Castroville.   Dr. Richard Neel and Dr. Max Best opened up Little Alsace in 2009. The clinic recently expanded by opening another clinic in Uvalde. They are also excited to expand the family practice side of their Castroville clinic, and that’s where Dr. John Meyer and Dr. Emily Meyer come in.

The Meyers will join a great team of doctors including Dr. Richard Neel, Dr. Max Best, Dr. Ann Black, and nurse practitioners Georgia Nadeau-NP, Sarah Sargent-NP, Karen McCauley-NP, Jennifer Blackmon-NP, and Jennifer Shadrock-NP.

“We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones,” the Meyers said in a press release about them joining the Little Alsace team. “Dad and I are thrilled and honored to be able to join a team that is so focused on each individual patient. It’s obvious that patient care is number one here. Everyone in the clinic works together, and with the leadership of Dr. Neel and Dr. Best, along with their stellar team of providers, it’s easy to want to go to work every day because everyone is so positive and supportive. We have the upmost respect for the entire team, especially because Dr. Neel is leading the way in the fight against COVID. When this pandemic started, I followed Dr. Neel’s articles in the Devine News along with his recommendations. Little did we know we would get the chance to witness his genius and one million percent commitment to help each individual patient beat this monster. His humility and commitment are so inspiring – he is what we all strive to be as providers.”

“Being new here, I’ve only personally followed three COVID patients, and the regimen recommended by Dr. Neel including Melatonin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D has been nothing short of a miracle,” Meyer said. “That sounds exaggerated, but I’ve witnessed first-hand what starting the regimen has done for patients who were already very sick. Within HOURS their symptoms subsided. I just cannot fathom how this hasn’t made the National news. In fact, it upsets me. The thorough studies that Dr. Neel completed, along with the rational as to why the regimen works, makes it impossible for me to understand why this isn’t being used to treat every COVID patient. Dr. Neel deserves so much recognition for what he is doing for people, but he is so humble that he has no desire to have any type of recognition. He just says over and over, ‘I just want to take care of people.'”

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Family history…..

Dr. John Meyer got his MD degree and began his medical practice in Hondo in 1975. He was preceded by both his father and grandfather as physicians in Hondo. He has two brothers, one of them an Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist, and the older one a family practice doctor who passed away two years ago.

Dr. Meyer’s daughter Emily Meyer has also been a physician in family practice for the last 13 years, making her the fourth generation of Meyer doctors in Medina County.

The family tradition began when her great-great grandfather, Dr. Henry Meyer, opened his practice in Hondo in 1906.

“He was a horse-and-buggy doctor, and I still meet people who talk about him arriving at their homes to deliver siblings out in the country or even performing an appendectomy on someone’s kitchen table,” Meyer said in a press release.

Emily stated she is proud to follow in her father’s footsteps and enjoys working side by side.

When asked what she loves about family medicine, she stated, “I chose family medicine because I have watched my father look forward to going to work every day for the last 4o years. As a child, it was obvious to me how much he enjoyed his work, and I loved the idea of being able to serve a community that has done so much for me. Family medicine seems like it should be the obvious choice, as literally behind every door there is something new, as family medicine is the full spectrum. It’s also ideal for a small town, as we get the pleasure of taking care of people we know and see at the grocery store.”

Emily has fond childhood memories of visiting her daddy’s clinic, where her passion began.

“I loved going to my dad’s office as a child. He’d let me bring in dirt from outside and look at it under his microscope. I had little patient contact, but loved getting hugs from familiar faces passing through. Not only did I admire my dad’s commitment to his patients, but I also admired his relationship with the community,” Dr. Meyer said.