Family helps raise funds for family of 7 after unexpected and tragic loss of dad

A Navy veteran, Dennis had been serving overseas in Iraq for the past couple of years, and suffered from devastating PTSD. The Perry family unexpectedly lost daddy this March.

Now faced with the possibility of losing the family vehicle and home, the family of seven could use some prayers and some help with bills. Though Dennis’ military career has taken the family all over the place, his widow Christi is from the Somerset area originally and her sisters who live locally reached out to us with her story.
“As many of you know my brother-in-law passed away last month. It was unexpected and very tragic, leaving my sister Christi a widow and single mom of 6 (five boys still living at home),” said sisters Terri Edwards of Devine and Randi Kent of SA. “She has been a stay at home mom for almost a decade. She is trying to stay where she’s at, through the end of May, allowing the boys to finish school. Understandably trying to keep some sort of normalcy for them. One of her boys is autistic so trying to maintain some sort of structure during this tragic time is so important. She is actively trying to find a job but nothing yet. She has taken one blow after the next over the last month and a half.
“The vehicle, being in my brother-in-law’s name, will need to be paid in full in order for her to keep it, which is not possible. The life insurance did not pay out due to circumstances beyond her control, and she was informed that she will be responsible for taxes on all monies her late husband earned while overseas since he wasn’t there a full year as planned. Talk about being kicked when you’re already down. I know she has exhausted her savings at this point and is in need of some assistance for living expenses, utilities and groceries along with moving this summer,” Kent said.
“My parents raised us to work hard and never take a hand out. And my sister, up to this point, has been stubborn to a fault but I know she needs our help. So I am considering this not a hand out, but a hand up! If you are able to donate, any little bit helps. If you think your $10 is insignificant and wouldn’t make a difference, because I’ve thought the same thing at times that is a loaf of bread and 2 gallons of milk, to put it in perspective. If you are unable to help financially, prayers are just as powerful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Kent added.

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Perry has four young boys Sagan is 9, Seric 7 and Sidon is 4, Jacob (13) and Garret (16), and one adult child, a son Ross Schutze, who passed away many years ago in a horse accident. You may remember the family issued a memorial scholarship in his name for many years.
Christi and Dennis had just built a house in Manvel, TX a year ago when the family unexpectedly lost Dennis.
“There will be no life insurance. She is trying to hold out on moving until the school year is over so the boys aren’t disrupted any more this school year. One of the children, Seric, is autistic so he attends a special needs school that has done wonders with him. After that, she is planning to move down this way to be closer to family in the Devine, Lytle, or Somerset area,” Edwards said.
If you would like to help, any donations can be sent to Christi’s sister (Terri Edwards at PO Box 120, Devine, TX. 78016). Please make any checks out directly to Christi Perry.