DHS Band Awards for 2019-2020 presented in virtual banquet

The band directors of Devine High School created a virtual banquet and to make sure that this year’s band kids received the awards and recognition they earned. These awards are usually given at the end of the year banquet. Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused the closing of schools buildings in March and forced learning online and in homes Directors Jeff Miller, Tom Settles and James Quinterro wanted to do this for their students to honor their hard work and commitment.

“Every week our school buildings have been closed has presented new challenges as events and performances were cancelled for DISD Bands.  One of the big challenges was to  find a way to celebrate the success story of 2019-2020.  For our DHS students who have already missed so much, there was NO WAY I was going to stand by and simply let this year fade into history – you see, this year has been absolutely FULL of high level achievements and our kids need to celebrate those successes and realize their individual place in the awesome tradition which has been built”, said Jeff W. Miller, BME, MM,  Director of Bands, Devine ISD.

“So, taking that uncomfortable video approach – we have done just that!”

” It is my hope that families and our community will rise up and celebrate all of our amazing students for the outstanding work and efforts they have put forth!!

When I began reviewing the achievements of our kids while up at the bandhall recently, suddenly that empty building almost came to life around me again as I felt the energy and excitement from throughout the year replay through those memories – wow – these Band students have been awesome this year!!!

Please look over the list of achievements and be PROUD of our young adults in this community!!  They have literally made history happen, and built memories that will last a lifetime.

The Band Awards only highlight a small portion of the success stories – as I always believe each student has an individual story of success and often while facing great hardships.

Many thanks to so many as it takes a complete TEAM to have any success toward any goal!  Our Band Boosters, Administration, Parents, and Community – Thank You!!

So CELEBRATE, and be PROUD Devine!!

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Your DHS Band has rocked the house again this year – and we will have another success story to tell for 2020-2021 regardless of the obstacles put in our way!!  Go Warhorse Band!!”, said Miller.

The videos are available for viewing on the Devine Warhorse Band Facebook page, where you can like the page and watch! There are two different ones, they were released online May 23, 2020.

Award for Outstanding Service – (11) small plaques engraved 

Amy Bailey

Garrett Fritz

Alex Rubendall

Isaias Cardenas

Lily Hargis

Isabella Elias

Joel Hernandez

Hannah Stolzman

Liliana Mendoza

Austin Reyes

Aidan Hildenbrand

Award for Outstanding Freshman – (3) small plaques engraved

Jordan Erxleben

Skylar Montoya

Carlo Rivera

Award for Outstanding Sophomore – (3) small plaques engraved

Brian Schaefer

Ben Garcia

Liliana Mendoza

Award for Outstanding Junior – (5) small plaques engraved

Isabella Elias

Gilbert Iglesias

Caleb Martin

Sidney Weyel

Madilynne Mohr

 Award for Outstanding Senior – (2) small plaques engraved

Charlize Benavidez

Felicity Diaz

Most Improved Award – (2) small plaques engraved

Angelo Alavez

Ava McCaleb

 National School Color Guard Award – (1) plaque provided engraved, (1) provided name plate for wall plaque provided

Charlize Benavidez

National School Marching Award – (1) plaque provided engraved, (1) provided name plate for wall plaque provided                                

Madilynne Mohr

Director’s Award – (1) plaque provided engraved; (1) provided name plate for wall plaque engraved

Brian Schaefer

Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award – (6) small plaques engraved ; (1) provided name plate for wall plaque engraved “2019-2020 Percussion Ensemble”

Pauline Calame

Andrea Sanchez

Caleb Martin

Jacob Guajardo

Analea Brooks

Michael Cubriel

Gordon Schultz Outstanding Leadership Award – (1) medium plaque engraved; (1) provided name plate for wall plaque engraved

Clarissa Maldonado

John Philip Sousa Award – (1) small provided trophy engraved; (1) provided name plate for wall plaque engraved

Josephine Taitano

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