Devine Police working bizarre McAnelly Rd burglaries

WHEELCHAIR NEEDED– Call Devine News if you’d like to help

Three residences were hit by burglars this June with an odd assortment of items taken. Suspect(s) got away with a refrigerator, and sadly, even a wheelchair was stolen in the crimes which occurred the first weekend of June.

All three homes in the 500 block of McAnnelly were hit sometime during the night, said Devine PD Lieutenant Chris Andrews. In the first home, entry was made through a window, and homeowner’s shed was also broken into. Another residence had a shed broken into and a wheelchair and ice chest stolen while the family was inside the home, and the third residence had a fridge and portable heater stolen from inside the home.
Devine PD has identified a suspect in this case, and a warrant is pending.
If you have any tips in the case or have any video surveillance footage in this area, please contact Devine PD.
If you would like to help by donating or purchasing a new bariatric size wheelchair for the victims of this crime, please let us know. You can contact The Devine News 830-665-2211.