Devine ISD to purchase 36 acres behind tennis courts and elementary for $540,000

Authorization was given to Devine ISD Superintendent Todd Grandjean at the board meeting on Sept. 20 to sign related closing documents on behalf of the District to purchase a 36 acre tract located on Colonial Parkway. The land is located behind the football stadium and tennis courts, and stretches behind the elementary and over to Highway 173 across from the high school.
“The school board was presented with the opportunity to acquire this 36 acre tract of land in the spring of this year”, said Nancy Pepper, DISD Board President. “Many school districts look at property that is adjacent to their current property. We felt it would be a good investment as we look to our future needs and any expansion that would require additional space. A resolution was passed in July to purchase the property and gave our superintendent, Dr. Todd Grandjean, authority to negotiate the final terms. The resolution passed last night was needed to explicitly grant the superintendent the authority to finalize the legal paperwork. The 54 acre tract of land by the high school is part of a 100 acre tract where the high school was built. It is also being held for future needs and expansion,” said Pepper. Cost is $15,000 per acre.
By Kathleen Calame