Devine ISD to provide qualified Private Non-Profit (PNP) Schools with Equitable Services

School districts that receive federal funds are required to provide equitable services for eligible school children, teachers, and other educational personnel at registered private non-profit schools that desire to participate.

The term “equitable services’’ refers to the process of providing students, teachers, staff, and families at eligible PNPs fair access to federally-funded education programs and services as appropriate.
Educational services or other benefits, including materials and equipment, provided under this section, shall be secular, neutral, and non-ideological.
Among other requirements, the process depends on a “timely and meaningful consultation” between ISD officials and those of eligible PNPs. If you are the lead administrator of a private school within Devine ISD’s boundaries, please reach out to learn whether your private school qualifies for equitable services and/ or to schedule a consultation for the 2024-2025 school year.
Please contact Abigail Beadle, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Federal Programs at Devine ISD, at abigail.beadle or by phone at (830) 851-0795 by June 21st, 2024.