COVID-19 vaccine open to anyone 16+: Call Health Unit at 830-741-6191 if you are unable to schedule online

“I encourage anyone who is still looking for a vaccine to call us. There shouldn’t be any problem getting a vaccine at this point. We have doses of Moderna ready to give,” said Patricia Mechler at Medina County Health Unit in Hondo.
Medina County still has plenty of Moderna vaccine available in the county for those that want it.
“If you have a group of 10 or more, we can come to you in Devine or wherever with our traveling unit,” Mechler said. “We want to make this easily available to anyone who wants it.”
Medina Regional is also giving vaccines in Natalia this Thursday, April 22nd for anyone 18+ (see separate article).
“I have given a lot of shots, and for most people it’s nothing more than a sore arm. Some people will get a little fever, and feel tired for a day or so. In fact I did, but I know it’s better than the alternative. It’s better than getting Covid, and going to the hospital.”
If you are unable to register online or need help locating vaccine, call the Heath Unit at 830-741-6191. You do NOT have to be a Medina County resident.
If you prefer to register Online, COVID-19 vaccine registration can be found at Registration is not always open due to slots being full or clinics pending scheduling.
“Now that vaccine is open to all that can receive it, take the first opportunity you have to get vaccinated. There have been many doses given and it has proven itself safe and effective. People are still getting hospitalized and are still dying of COVID so get vaccinated. Parents, if you have teenagers they can get the Pfizer vaccine at age 16 and can get Moderna at age 18,” the Health Unit stated in a press release.
Call the Health Unit or the provider you are wanting to get the vaccine from to check their vaccine or registration availability. All COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for age 18 and older. The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for people age 16 and older and COVID vaccine is now open to all adults.

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