City of Lytle website now combines COVID-19 counts to include all 3 counties

Lytle recently updated their way of reporting the Covid-19 numbers to include all 3 counties.
Currently within the City of Lytle there are 27 active cases, 57 probable cases, 4 deaths and 475 total confirmed cases as of 12/4/2020.
“We recently adjusted how we report COVID numbers in our area. It uses a more common method of reporting, by using our zip code. It should be noted that our zip code does include areas outside our city limits. This now includes data from all three counties to better represent the pandemic in our area and its effects on the city. Please keep your guard up by wearing a mask, washing your hands, social distancing and minimizing your group activities. Stay safe Lytle!” said Mayor Ruben Gonzalez.
According to the city website: As of 11/30/2020, the City of Lytle has changed how it will report the Covid-19 Numbers. Due to the city having 3 Counties (Atascosa, Bexar, and Medina) and how each reports the numbers, Lytle has chosen to report the Covid-19 number based on the 78052 Zip Code. We understand that the 78052 Zip Code encompasses areas that are not within the Lytle City Limits, but we feel it’s a better representation of the pandemic and its effects on the city.
See for daily updates counts.

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