Burn ban in effect

Had a cold front move in the other day and the mercury went and dipped into the double digits for a while….what a relief. The first seven months of summer was tolerable but, it’s starting to warm up now. Besides, it’s only been 37 days since we had any measurable rainfall and as the old sage Rene VanDamme once said, “It’ll rain soon as it gets dry enough”. Old folks seem to have a lotta knowledge bout these things.
Medina County’s cash on hand balance for August 2019 is at $17.37 million…up $1.61 million from August of last year. Seems your local elected officials (Bill Bain uses that dirty word…politicians) are doing something right. That number will begin to dip with the construction projects beginning in September but, will still remain strong throughout the construction process.
We enacted a Burn Ban effective on the 15th due to the lack of rain. Someone was quick to nit-pick and point out that there was an error in spelling on the Order. I didn’t spell check the Order, I knew what it meant.
Election Judges were approved as presented by the Republican and Democratic parties for the upcoming elections. Speaking of which, Proposition 4 is going to need a lot of attention. It concerns a State Income Tax. The proposed Amendment is to “prohibit the imposition of an individual income tax” so, to prohibit the Amendment, we need to vote FOR it. A vote FOR the Amendment prohibits it from passing. Confused? We’ll bring this up again as we get closer.
Still no word from the State on when we can move into our (already OK’d, purchase price agreed on and money in hand, sale approved on April 25th, awaiting the Governor’s signature on the paperwork) new location. Been about four months since it was approved at the State level. Seems they ain’t in no hurry to do anything in a timely manner. You can bet your sweet asterisk they won’t wait four months to be paid.
Had a situation arise where EMS services were unable to locate an address on a Private Road out CR 761. Met with the resident and (I been here 8 1/2 years and didn’t know it existed) found that there is a Private Road running off of CR 761 that was not marked or on the map. Our contract EMS service provider (being nice here) was unaware of its existence and service was delayed considerably due to it being unmarked….seems private roads don’t show up on Google maps. It is now marked with a red PR sign. This situation will be discussed at the next Comm. Ct. meeting and a solution implemented.
Hope all you folks that use dumpsters remember that in 11 days on September 1, those still left in the County right-of-way will be picked up and taken to our material yard out on CR 5710 (Rose Hill). There will be no charge to get them back but, they will have to be picked up by the company that owns them. I ain’t putting them back. The company will have to return them and place them in an area WITHIN the property boundaries of the customer.
Schools fixing to start and you oughta know the drill by now. Got another granddaughter, Kendall Arche, off to college the other day. How ironic is it to take her out to supper the night before she leaves for A&M to become an Aggie, that she would want to eat at the Longhorn Steakhouse. Guess she ain’t a true Aggie yet. Only 126 days till Christmas, Murdock…..