Bedtime with Tucker

My youngest T-REX is a wild one, but he certainly has a softy side too. You just never know what he’s going to say. He transforms from a T-REX to a cuddly teddy bear in a few short seconds. Shortly after one of his dinosaur hunting expeditions (where he is the dinosaur) and he walks around roaring and stomping, he gathered me and daddy for a group hug. It was just before bed time, and as he hugged us so gently, Tucker said “I love you guys so much….You are my darlings.”
Mommy’s heart melted like a snowman. Even my husband’s big manly heart melted with that. It was so sincere, so sweet…one of those special moments that you wish you had on video so you could remember it exactly forever.
But of course, as daddy walked out of the room to go to sleep, Tucker began yelling his normal, strange and silly, dino-tastic goodnight farewell — “Goodnight, watch out for the snakes and the turkeys and the deer and the Utah Raptors and the faster snakes.”
“Okay, we will,” daddy replied lovingly.
Before he climbed into bed, he spotted my hair brush by the mirror, and then he very comically insisted on brushing his hair before going to sleep. He was watching himself in the mirror and concentrating, making the absolutely funniest faces ever, as he brushed his hair. I stood there at the doorway, trying not to crack up, to which he responded, “What I’m not making funny faces.” I think maybe he was just straining to use his hand-eye coordination in relation to the mirror which can be confusing for a little guy, but his facial expressions were preciously comical.
At one point, I asked if I could help him brush his little blonde head.
“No mom, I brush my hair. Only a big boy can do that,” he said proudly, deepening his voice.
Shortly after that, I hoisted him into bed, and he added a random thought. More like propaganda.
“Mom, candy makes my tummy feel better. I like chocolate, it’s my favorite,” Tucker said.
“Hmmm, really? I think candy drives you out of your mind,” I replied with a chuckle, thinking of the way he bounces around even pre-sugar.
“No, candy just makes me faster,” he said. “I go fast and fast in circles….Hi-ya!” (karate kick on the bed).
Well, goodnight to all, and to all, a goodnight….Watch out for the snakes and the turkeys and the deer and the Utah Raptors and the faster snakes!