Arabians 8-1 after beating Medina Valley, La Vernia

After winning the Cole Tournament last weekend, the Arabians headed into the holiday break with two big wins over Medina Valley and La Vernia. They are now 8-1 for the season, the Arabians are finding their rhythm and continuing to dominate the court against every opponent. They will head to the Marion tournament this weekend and then have a small break before they host their home tournament December 12-14th.
“We got off to a slow start in the Medina Valley game. We did not shoot the ball well in the first quarter and got down early. The girls did a good job of staying the course and making their way back into the game. They did this by playing good defense and getting to the foul line. Although we didn’t shoot well at the FT line, we changed the momentum of the game and got back into the game. We came out and had a great 3rd quarter, which gave us the lead. Defensively we were still solid in the second half. We were able to withstand a late Medina Valley run to hold on to the victory. We did a really good job of rebounding the ball against Medina Valley and that was another key to the victory.” Coach Jim Sessions
FTP 36%. Turnovers 4. Points: Macey Hein 8, Megan Runyan 19, Maddie Mata 4, Clarissa Zamora 8, Ally Taylor 4, Janaee Wofford 3. Rebounds: Hein 7, Runyan 13, Mata 3, Zamora 9, Taylor 7, Wofford 1. Assists: Lacey Shook 1, Hein 2, Runyan 1, Mata 1, Zamora 2. Steals: Hein 1, Runyan 1, Mata 4. Blocks Hein 2. Q1 3-8, Q2 18-20, Q3 36-27, Q4 46-35.
“We got off to a quick start in the La Vernia game. We did a good job of handling La Vernia’s pressure and were able to get stops on the defensive end early. This allowed us to get out and get easy baskets in the first half. We executed well offensively in the first half as well. In the second half, we had a great 3rd quarter defensively and we held La Vernia to 2 points. We didn’t stretch the lead much as we only score 8, but it was a good quarter for us. La Vernia tried to make a comeback in the 4th quarter by turning up their pressure. Once we slowed down a touch, we were able to take care of the ball and then control the game and hold on for the win. I was really proud of the girls for finishing the game the way they did. They had played 7 games over the previous 6 days and had to fight through some fatigue.” Coach Sessions
FTP: 68%. Turnovers 16. Points: Hein 15, Runyan 11, Mata 7, Zamora 11, Taylor 3, Wofford 2. Rebounds: Shook 1, Hein 5, Runyan 9, Mata 8, Zamora 7, Taylor 8, Wofford 3. Assists: Shook 1, Hein 1, Mata 6, Zamora 1, Wofford 1. Steals: Hein 3, Runyan 2, Mata 3, Zamora 1, Taylor 1, Wofford 2. Blocks: Runyan 1, Mata 2, Zamora 1. Q1 18-9, Q2 30-24, Q3 38-26, Q4 49-40.
In the Marion tournament, the Arabians will play at 9:00 am December 5th against Boerne and then at 1:30 pm against Smithville. On December 7th they will play at 10:20 am against Yoakum and then at 1:00 pm against Marion.
By Coach Jim Sessions