Arabian lifters rack up seven Top 4 finishes

Texas Strength Systems in San Antonio hosted its weekly meet last Thursday with the Devine Arabians once again finishing in the top three teams placing third overall. Felicity Diaz paced Devine capturing first place in the 220lb division while Aaliyah Terrazas, Khali Key, and Gillian Estala won silver in their respective divisions. Jeanette Rios earned bronze while Arsci Lopez and Kylie Rodriguez just missed bronze by finishing fourth in their divisions.
“We had few girls increase their totals and we had a few that bombed out as it just wasn’t their day,” Head Coach Paul Gomez said regarding the highs-and-lows of competition. “Things like that happen to the best of us. We still got 3rd as a team, which is good. The girls gave one more meet to increase their totals to make top 12. The top 12 in regional compete at the Region 5 Meet in Pharr, Texas on March 6th.”
Best of luck Arabians!
Results (lifter-place-division-squat-bench-deadlift-total)
Aaliyah Terrazas-2nd-105-260-140-300-700 Arsci Lopez-4th-105-235-115-255-605 Carmelina Bernal-9th-105-130-65-155-350 Jeanette Rios-3rd-114-225-140-250-615 Nayeli Saldana-6th-114-225-95-235-555 Cassandra Elias-10th-123-185-95-210-490 Clarissa Ybanez-11th-148-220-160-235-615 Katalina Pasillas-12th-148-230-115-265-610 Brianna Tores-7th-165-220-85-240-545 Felicity Diaz-1st-220-350-170-350-870 Khali Key-2nd-220-300-195-345-840 Kylie Rodriguez-4th-220-265-135-255-655 Kristina Ortiz-5th-220-245-120-255-620 Gillian Estala-2nd-259-340-160-335-835
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer