An ant or a shark?

While we had a picnic, Tucker noticed a scratch and asked his cousin “how did you get that boo-boo?” Well, that led to a wide scale boo-boo examination by both of them, swapping stories.
She responded, “I fell on grandma’s porch.”
To that, Tucker had to one-up her, and he quickly found a tiny microscopic bite on his toe.
“I got bit by an ant,” he said, “the big ants at my house.”
“Oh I got bit by THE ants at my house too,” Audrey replied.
Tucker soon found “a scar” on his leg (which scarcely qualifies as a scratch in my book), but with a very deep voice he said, “This is a big one, that’s why I call it a scar.”
At first, their stories were pretty realistic, but before long, “big ant bites” turned into “shark scars”. They had a ball comparing boo-boos, and I, hearing about them. My son is the king of wild stories, and Audrey has sure learned to roll with the punches. First she usually rolls her eyes when he goes off on one of his story tangents, but then she kicks back laughing and teams up with him. She entertains his craziness quite well. He is the brawn and she is the brains of everything they get into together.
The next time I get an ant bite or scratch I might just consider making up a story about it. Hey I just noticed a little scratch on my leg. Was that from our hyper jumping puppies? No, no, I think it is a shark bite, definitely a shark.