A little eye opener

Baby Tucker has been sick, so we’ve had some really long sleepless nights lately, but it never ceases to amaze me how packed full of energy he is in the mornings–even when he is sick–even after he coughed all night. He wakes up spry as ever, ready to rip, sick or not.
I guess there’s just something little children love about the crack of dawn. My co-worker Nancy said her great-granddaughter Lanie spent the night recently. Knowing how us old people have a hard time getting going in the morning, little 2-year-old Lanie climbed up into her great mee-maw’s bed and opened grandmother’s eyes for her… quite literally
She gently and sweetly grabbed grandma’s eye lid with her little fingers and pulled it open, whispering “Mee-maw, it’s not dark anymore!”
That story cracked me up, as I sit here at my computer and try to keep my own eyes open. If only Lanie was here…..maybe she could help!