A chain reaction: 5 car crash, 2 more wrecks back up I-35N for miles

If you see a local first responder, give them a pat on the back, because there have been plenty of long call-outs these past few days and lots of long hours of traffic control needed. There were 3 accidents within an hour of each other on I-35 Monday.
A five-car collision near Exit 121 coming into Devine occurred this Monday afternoon, March 15 on I-35N. One female passenger was transported by EMS as a result of this accident after getting squished between an 18 wheeler and another vehicle behind her.
Soon after, there were two more 2-vehicle accidents in the area.
“It was a chain reaction,” said Lieutenant Chris Andrews.
The first car had a blowout and lost control, and collided with an 18 wheeler, so it hit the guardrail and bounced back, then another 18 wheeler collided with the car that had the blowout. Then the car behind that hit that 18 wheeler. Then a truck and trailer hauling cattle rear ended that passenger vehicle which got squished between the 18 wheeler and car behind it, pushed up underneath the trailer.
“When you see brake lights, don’t forget to hit yours,” said Lieutenant Andrews.
One local driver reported traffic was backed up from this area to the Pearsall area on I-35 North.