68 service calls

Officers were kept busy with 68 calls for service this week. The busiest day of the week was Tuesday the 18th. We had a total of 17 calls, 14 of those were handled by Cpl. Robison.
We had one arrest, it was for DWI & fleeing the scene of an accident. The collision occurred at FM 3175 at the IH-35 Access Rd. The driver who fled, soon found his vehicle wasn’t up to fleeing with him. He and a passenger “hit the bushes.” Ofc. Pena located them hiding and after a field sobriety test, the driver was arrested. Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision.
The following property crimes were reported to us: A resident of the 15300 Blk. of Main St reported that the wiring harness on her cargo trailer had been cut. Cabinet Creations on Main St. reported that someone cut the fence and broke into a work truck. The crook gathered some tools but it appears he left without taking anything. This all occurred during the early morning hours of Tuesday the 18th. We believe this is the same suspect who stole a 2015 Nissan Sentra from Quicksilver (a neighboring business) during the same time frame. That vehicle was recovered on Greenwood Rd. by the Bexar Co. Sheriff’s Office. We are reviewing video in hopes of getting this fellow identified. On Thursday, a fellow shoplifted a $90 bottle of Scotch from Twin Liquors. It appears he has been hitting their locations all around SA, he fled in a small white car.
Here comes a rare serious rambling: COVID-19, widely divided political views, peaceful protest, non-peaceful protest, calls for change, the list goes on…..Watching the news and following everything on social media can easily consume you. I’ve tried to remain positive by focusing on our community and the job I have. We have contact with a wide variety of people every day. The rich and poor, the highly educated and the not so educated…and everyone in between. They come from all backgrounds and represent various political ideas. One thing I can tell you is that we all share many of the same problems and have the same anxieties over the current situations we are facing. I know, because I talk to people every day.
I didn’t venture very far on my days off. Went to the mall for the first time since March, visited La Cantera (at least it was an outdoor mall). Only place I cared about going to was the candy shop, I had a craving for white chocolate (which really isn’t even chocolate, I was told). There was a long line of mask wearing people waiting to get in, just my luck. I settled for ice cream.
Dr. Hack removed the staples from my head, all nine of them. They came out a lot better than they went in. I’m back to full power, so the criminals better watch out.