4th Covid death this week in local families

Today’s case count has increased by 5 from yesterday. Medina county is sadly reporting another death today making 4 deaths in Covid patients just this week.  The most recent tragedy was a man in his 70’s.

Medina County has many families with loved ones in the hospital, and some who have lost a family member in his 20s to this horrible virus which continues to be unpredictable.

According to news sources and researchers in Houston, around 80% of recent cases are a different strain from the first covid outbreak.

“I belive it,” said local Medina and Uvalde County Doctor Richard Neel, adding that many patients here are now presenting with predominant new symptoms including heavy nausea, vomiting and diarrhea during the recent uptick.

The latest outbreaks appear to be affecting more children too, he commented, having treated all ages now from an 11 mo old baby to toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Whereas, he noted his clinics had very few young patients in the first 3 months of the pandemic.