4-foot-long snake found in wheel of car at store

“Just the tail was hanging out,” said local snake expert Blaine Eaton, who helped authorities remove the snake.
Somebody no doubt got a little more than they bargained for during a shopping trip to HEB in Lytle this past week.
This 4 ft Rat Snake somehow slithered its way inside the hubcap of a wheel on a vehicle parked at HEB in Lytle this past Wednesday, May 15 around noon. “It probably crawled from the field next to the parking lot while they were shopping,” Eaton said. “As I was coming out of HEB I noticed Animal Control trying to get this 47″ Female Texas Rat Snake from the wheel of a car, so I went over and assisted them at getting it out.”
You never know where you’re going to find a snake when you live in South Texas, and Eaton can tell you plenty of stories of the unlikely places homeowners have found them. In one of the most bizarre stories, he found a Copperhead snake inside a pool noodle at a home in Great Oaks.
“I’ve taken a 2 ft Rat Snake from a Washing Machine, a 4 ft Rat Snake from a Kitchen Pantry, and now a 4 ft Rat Snake from tire,” Eaton said.
What’s next?