Work underway on CR 770

What is our community coming to? First, Sandra Rihn closes, Richard Wilkerson sells the Lumber Yard and takes the clock with him, the Briscoe house is sold and moved, Charlie’s closes and then the Catholic Church is taken down.
Next thing you know, someone will want to change the name of Hondo St. to something more fitting like Main Street or Victory Lane. This would mean removing the word “Hondo” from the front of Devine High School…and Lord help us if someone was to ever connect the “ramps to nowhere” with sidewalks along the north side of SH 173.
Commissioners Court took action on dispersing 25% of the CARES Act funds ($400,000) to Medina County businesses (those hit hard by the recent events) in the form of Grants. There will be a committee set up to receive the requests and award funding. More on this as details are worked out.
I believe that the Schools will submit vouchers to the County and be reimbursed up to the amount allotted to each school. This amount has not been determined yet but, should be soon.
We have begun work on the section of CR 770 that was in bad need of repair. We should be through middle of next week. We won’t affect the working hour traffic but, the road will be reduced to one lane during reconstruction so, bear with us and use all your fingers when you wave. Use a little caution when travelling at night. Already had one disgruntled caller.
Went to the groundbreaking ceremony for the Jail expansion project on Tuesday. Soon, the Courthouse Annex and the Jail project will both be going on at the same time. Unfortunately, this type of growth is mainly used by crooks.
Was an uneventful Court meeting so, not a lot to talk about. Not much going on in Pct 4 either. Only thing coming up that is pretty interesting is the Budget…haven’t seen the final product yet but, it’s gonna be finalized soon.
In case Murdock aint watching his calendar, there’s only 139 days till Christmas and November 3rd is fast approaching. Some folks prayed harder than others and got a good rain the other day. Somebody go take Jeff Wisenbaker’s tv away from him.