Virtual French fries and butterflies

We’ve been doing a lot of video calls with my niece, who is quite the little performer. She loves the camera. Not only is she a dancer and actress, but she’s also a chef. In fact, little Audrey had her mommy initiate a video call the other day, and she ran to her toy kitchen and started making us plates of all kinds of yummy food. Then she held the toy food up to the phone video camera and waited for me to gobble it up. The things you do for the little lovelinesses in your life….
I spared no expense at her virtual restaurant, ordering everything under the sun and making the biggest, loudest, dramatic gobbling sounds I could, as I ate every french fry, chicken nugget, and ice cream that she brought me. It wasn’t long before my daughter joined in, and then we really kept the little waitress hopping. It was my first-ever virtual dining experience, and it didn’t disappoint. With the way Audrey smiled and giggled every time I took a “bite”, I have to say my virtual lunch tasted better than I ever thought it could!
Last night, she took her chef hat off and put her butterfly wings on, and that was quite a virtual show, too. She was just dancing and laughing and running around like a butterfly, stopping to do a somersault roll on the carpet occasionally. She also threw a hula hoop into her act at one point, and bragged about how good of a hula hooper her mommy is.
Meanwhile, my son, cousin Tucky, was in the living room with daddy, using his T-rex’s to crush other dinosaurs and other boy things. Boys are a lot of fun too, but I have to say, most days I’d rather dine at Audrey’s Chicken Nugget Cafe than crush dinosaurs with other dinosaurs.
If you haven’t seen your grandkids for a while for one reason or another–distance or illnesses–try a virtual video call. And don’t forget to try their chicken nuggets!