Vaccines: Medina County unsure of when next shipment will arrive

Currently for Week 6, Medina County providers have not been allocated any additional vaccine. We will be notifying the public when it will become available through the Medina County website under COVID-19 Vaccinations.
Medina County is planning to provide an online site with a list of local providers that receive vaccines and a way to sign up on-line or view provider information as allocations come in. This site is not up yet but will be available soon. Currently vaccines should be given to Phase 1A and Phase 1B groups. You can view these groups on the DSHS FAQ’s page or the DSHS COVID-19 vaccine Information page as well as other COVID-19 vaccine information including the closest hubs and a location map of current allocations for the State.
The Medina County Health Unit is no longer taking a waiting list for vaccine due to the large volume of calls. As vaccine becomes available, we will move to an online registration site. Again, this is currently being developed. The State allocates vaccine and we have no way of knowing at this time when or how much the county will be getting. This week’s allocation was mainly directed to large hubs to get more doses out quickly.

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