Two fatalities in horrible accident outside Devine

The community is heartbroken to report the loss of two young men, Michael Monreal, 30 years old, and Adam Joel Frias, 27 years old, both of Natalia, who sadly lost their lives in the fatal and tragic accident in Devine last week. Multiple first responders and others have remarked that it was one of the worst accidents they’ve ever seen.
Good samaritans stopped to help before EMS and Fire arrived, but found there was little they could do but comfort the child who was in the back seat. Nearly every local department was toned out to help.
“On a scene like that, you need everyone,” said Devine Fire Chief Greg Atkinson. “Not only to help all of the people involved, but also to block and secure the scene and give these people and their families the respect they deserve. The sound of a family member who was weeping over the loss of a loved one, it is burned into my soul.”
Devine PD, Devine Fire Department, DPS, Medina County Sheriff’s Dept, Allegiance EMS, and Natalia Fire were all on scene to help.
“Our hearts break for these families. I went home and just hugged my kids,” Fire Chief Atkinson said.
The accident happened shortly after school let out. According to a Press Release from Devine PD, “On July 3rd, 2021 at approximately 1537 hrs. (3:37 pm), the Devine Police Department was dispatched to a major accident involving multiple vehicles, located at the intersection of State Highway 173 and the northbound access road of IH-35.”
Both men were pronounced at the scene by Justice of the Peace Clyde Howse. An adult male and a young child were also injured and transported via E.M.S., to surrounding area hospitals.
Chief Atkinson also added, “As a fire department, one of the first things we did when we got back to the station was come together to talk and just make sure everyone was okay. When you go on a scene like that, you see things you cannot un-see. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save those two young men, but we have to take care of one another. We take that very seriously.”
According to the press release from Devine PD, “The incident is still under investigation with the assistance of the Texas Department of Public Safety Crash Reconstruction Team. Anyone with information regarding the accident is asked to call the Devine Police Department at 830-663-4402.”
Special thanks to all of the first responders who are there in our times of need. The Devine Fire Department is hosting medical and CPR trainings, if anyone would like to join this team of volunteers who are always there to help when needed.