live music at historic downtown building in Devine

Over the years Claude Butch Morgan has shared the stage with greats such as Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr.

Local musician Claude Butch Morgan will be performing at Bon Cafe every Tuesday from 6-8 pm. It will bring back many old memories of times past, he said.
“The start of my musical history is right here in good old Devine. I wrote my first song in 1963 at my parent’s house at 601 Mockingbird Lane, I’ve written 1,000’s since that time,” Morgan said.
“I had several bands while in high school here, The Electras, The Illusions, The Shannon’s, and Chapter XVI. I don’t remember all the details. I was busy and not taking good notes.
“Somewhere around 1964/65 our band “The Illusions” opened a teen club in what was the Wooten Bakery, (now “the Bon Cafe.”) We called it, “The Illusions A Go-Go.”
“I think it was only on Saturday evenings and I’m not sure how long it lasted, but not long.
“Across the street was Schott’s Model Market. Out front of it there were two soda machines. We realized soon that teenagers wanted sodas. They would run across the street and buy them. So I had a brilliant idea. I started getting there early on Saturdays and buying up all of Mr. Schott’s sodas, paying full price, then I’d bring them across the street to The Illusions A Go-Go and sell them, adding another nickel to the price we paid and wah la, we made a little profit and it kept our fans at the Go-Go!
“We did that a few Saturdays until my mother got a phone call from Mr. Schott. He was not happy about us emptying his machine on Saturday night and told my mother just that. My mom was on our side of course and quickly said to him, “I thought selling sodas was the point of your machine.” He replied, “Yea but they’re taking them across the street to the Go-Go and selling them for a profit!” Mom said, “Well with all due respect, they paid for them and technically aren’t yours anymore right?”
“We never heard another thing about it.
“I tell you this because I am once again playing in this historic old building. Starting on Tuesday, Nov 29th from 6-8pm, I will be performing some of the songs I’ve written, as well as some old favorites you might recognize.
“We are calling this event The TUnESDAY Music club. Nothing would please us more than to have you make it your weekly hang. I promise good, wholesome music with uplifting lyrics and joyful attitude.
“I will do my very best to put a smile on your face and promise you won’t have to go across the street to get something to drink. The Bon Cafe has great non-alcoholic beverages and pastries for you to enjoy.
“Please consider this your personal invitation to join “The TuNESDAY Music Club.”