Tub water and Dove

So my son has really come to enjoy bath time. Most of the time, I give him a combination of a shower and a bath so we can pretend like it’s “raining.” He is so funny, and he is busy as can be, even in the bathtub. Lately, his new trick is trying to learn to climb in and out of the tub unfortunately. So when he tried this dangerous trick yesterday, I told him it was time to get out for good. But he quickly hopped the tub wall and proceeded to lay down in the tub, acting like he was trying to drink the rest of the empty bathwater. He loves it that much I guess! Boys are gross!
Our cousins Steven and Jennifer and family came to visit this week, and we had a lot of fun with them. Our babies Tucker and Audrey kept everyone entertained. They both love to look up at the birds, and say “pow, pow!” as grandpa does. He’s an avid dove hunter, and I guess they are destined to love Dove Season too. I am not much of a hunter myself, but I sure love to eat dove and deer, so I imagine they will too. He already likes to eat it. Daddy and grandpa snuck him a few bites of dove already.
Much to my dismay, I think dirt makes up part of his diet too. Sometimes he’ll be playing with his little dump truck, and he’ll just take all the loose dirt and pour it on top of his head. Why, I ask? Why? Maybe that’s his way of getting into the bathtub sooner. That boy!