Tire collection trailer at SH 173 yard

Thanksgiving is here. Gonna be a short week for most everybody. Christmas (31 days away) season does not start until Friday…those of you who done got your Christmas stuff up need to take it down until Friday.
This week we had one of those meetings that, if you missed it, it wouldn’t matter. Not a lot of commissionin’ goin on. Just some vacating and re-platting and contract renewals and change orders for the various buildings under construction in the County. We changed some requirements in the Subdivision Rules but, that only involves developers.
We have our tire collection trailer in the yard on SH 173 and will take tires Monday-Thursday from 8 AM-5PM. The trailer will only be here for a month so, take advantage of it while you can. We will be closed this Wednesday and Thursday but, next week we will be open as mentioned.
We have also given away all of the mulch that we had on hand and are relying on the tree trimming company to bring us more. I will let you know when we get more.
After 4 years of sending Registered Letters to trash collection companies AND their customers picking the dumpsters up and taking them to our yard…numerous phone conversations with the Corporate Office and the Regional managers, who’d a thunk that a wrecker would have fixed the problem? Seems all you gotta do is call a wrecker, have it towed to the storage yard and 5 minutes later, you got someone on the phone wanting to do anything in their power to solve the problem. Only had to tow one so far. Guess they didn’t like the fees associated with their ineptitude. (See that Ms. Langley, another big word.) Thank you Lauren Maleske.
We no longer will be able to pick up dead animals from the side of the road. We do not have a place to take them since we moved to our location on SH 173. My suggestion is to move them to the fence line, like the State does, and let nature take its course or bury it yourself. Like the Outlaw Josey Wales says…”buzzards gotta eat, same as worms”.
Speaking of Holidays, how you like the situation that the Democrats have forced us into? Everything is going to cost us more than it did a year ago under the previous administration. We have no borders and we are paying the illegal aliens to come here. The United States is no longer the strong, world leader is used to be. Your president is stopping oil production in the US and begging for more from OPEC.
Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Eat a bunch and get miserable. I plan on it…