We had a busy week. We handled 67 calls for service, made a good bit of arrests, and took some crime reports.
Our activity started off just after midnight on Tuesday. Sgt. Hanson saw a suspicious vehicle at the Best Western. He made a traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of two males on felony drug charges. He impounded the vehicle (a 2017 Toyota Tundra) and later learned it was stolen. He was assisted by Ofc. Pena. Two guys driving around town in a stolen vehicle with some dope surely aren’t out delivering flyers for a church revival. They both went to the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Our next activity was Thursday afternoon. Ofc. D. Lopez and I responded to H.E.B. for a theft. It seems a fellow took a liking to one of those motorized shopping carts and decided to take it home. Ofc. D. Lopez was able to see the licence plate from the video and we paid the fellow a house a call. He didn’t even try to hide the thing. It was sitting under the car-port. He knew he had been “busted.” He went happily with us. Well, maybe not happily but he did help me load it into my pickup. He was taken to the Atascosa Co. Jail.
On Friday the 13th, Cpl. Robison took a report of a stolen 2016 Kenworth truck tractor with trailer. The truck was recovered in SA. The trailer is still missing. The theft occurred on Monday at the Pump House Car Wash. Later that same day, Cpl. Robison took a report of a stolen 2019 U-Haul truck from the dealer on Somerset St. They took inventory and realized one was missing. We were glad when Friday the 13th was over…but not as much as we will be when 2020 is over.
On Saturday, Lt. Dear and Ofc. A. Lopez handled a shoplifter at Dollar Tree. She was cited for shoplifting but officers found numerous credit cards and identifying information that belonged to other people. She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail on a charge of Fraudulent Use or Possession of Credit Card info. (5-10 pieces). To me it seems like if she had all those stolen credit cards she would have used one of them and not stuffed her purse with items.
On Sunday, Ofc. S. Pena made a stop on a driver who ran a stop sign. It was determined that he was intoxicated. He was taken to the intoxilyzer in Devine for testing. He said he needed EMS, so they were called and he was released from custody and taken by EMS to Southwest General Hospital. A DWI case will be filed on him “at-large.” Later that day, Ofc. A. Lopez observed a fellow at the Grand Somerset Apartments that was “wanted.” We had made a case on him for family violence. He was arrested without incident and booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Some of the fun stuff we did was assist the Lytle ISD with their Veterans Day Parade. The kids loved it. Heck, I even loved it. It’s nice to have some positive events when there is a lot of negativity going on these days. We hope to have some details on our annual hayride, date and time to be determined. Option #1 is a “vehicle parade” and Option #2 is…. I will drive around while someone videos me pointing out the lights and constantly talking. We could live stream it……..This will be a tough decision the new Mayor will have to make.