Sweet Dreams

After dragging myself out of bed, I hobbled across the kitchen to get my morning wake-up coffee. As I tiredly plop down on a chair, I look over my shoulder and see my daughter is literally standing there behind me, doing the Macarena dance.…(silently thank goodness).
Oh me-oh-my, the energy she has—and she doesn’t even need coffee to wake her up. I’ve always wondered what gives kids so much energy, and I think I just figured it out. She just came in this evening to show me a little project she did at school entitled “All about me”. In the section where it asked what she dreams about, she wrote “I dream about….Candy and Pizza”. Now that’s a sweet dream. No wonder she isn’t tired in the morning! She is care-free!
And that energy she has, it never seems to fade. At sunset that same day, she was begging me to play ball. We had already played baseball, kick ball, and now she wanted to play volleyball. She looked up at me with those sad little eyes and said “It’s okay mom, you don’t have to play with me if you’re too tired”.
So then I felt like I had to play, but just then my hyper slobbery dog energetically hopped up on my lap for the umpteenth time, despite my displeasure. (I think dogs also have sweet care-free dreams because they never run out of energy either.)
Anyway, that put a brilliant idea into my head…..my daughter has too much energy and so does my dog. So with a little enthusiasm I got her all hyped up about getting a leash and doing a “dog show like we see on TV” with Nina, our very un-refined and loving mutt. That dog show surely did the trick.
Within ten minutes, A’Dell had a huge obstacle course set up across the yard consisting of toys placed in certain patterns, and beach lounge chairs folded out to make bridges and “jumps” for poor ol’ Nina. A’Dell clipped that leash on her and carried around some bacon bits to entice Nina along the way….over and over and over. They hopped until they dropped. The dog was pretty clueless as to what they were doing, but she wagged her tail all the way. I laughed my heart out. They really put on a comical show, and it’s been a long time since I’ve laughed out loud like that. I guess it’s good for your soul or something like that.
Tucker hasn’t been feeling well so I’m extremely extra tired. I’ve had quite a few long sleepless nights rocking the baby and trying to keep him comfortable. I’m hoping tonight is the night that I’ll know sleep once again.
Now if only I can find a way to control my dreams and lull myself into a deep happy-go-lucky A’Delly kind of sleep…..think CANDY, PIZZA, CANDY, PIZZA, CANDY, PIZZA….
Hey! Then I could wake up and do the Macarena!