Subdivision rules approved

Time for the oak trees to start shedding leaves….wildflowers are out early…no rain. Aint had enough freezes to kill off any bugs so, if we do get good rains later, musskeetos gonna be out in large numbers. If it aint one thing, its another. Y’all get out there and wash some cars or start a painting project or water your grass and if that fails, pray for rain.
Our well is drilled and should be pumping water soon as we get electricity to it and our storage tanks in place. So, hopefully, in a couple weeks we will be able to start our first paving project. (Ruth Outlaw…apple pie or carrot cake). The guys have been busy trying to keep up with the patching, which is a never-ending job.
Election has passed and a runoff is probly gonna happen in a couple of races. As of this writing (Saturday morning) 4,378 of 32,184 registered voters in Medina County have cast their vote. That’s about 13.6% of the electorate. Of these 4,378 voters, 79% voted Republican and 21% voted Democrat. I am sure that the local Newspapers will have complete results.
Folks don’t take this RIGHT very seriously and need to get more involved. My granddaughter, Kendall Arche, was looking forward to voting for the first time but, college and distance have ruined that opportunity for her in this years Primary election. She will be sure to be included in the next one.
FINALLY after 8 years of going through them, seems like line by line, we have approved our Subdivision Rules and Regulations. Our emphasis was on trying to keep the new subdivisions something that would be an asset to our County. We tried to keep them from building houses on postage stamp sized lots and 10 feet apart.
We had the Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Courthouse Annex in Hondo this past Monday morning and construction will start very soon thereafter. Should be finished next year some time.
We still have the trailer at the yard on 173 and are still taking old tires Monday-Thursday from 8 AM-4:30 PM. For those that haven’t realized it yet, the Citizen Collection Station (trash collection) has moved as well and is open Saturdays only from 8 AM till 4 PM. We also have a container for the disposal of used oil and a pile of mulch which is free for the taking in our parking lot next to the Vet Clinic.
Soon as we get everything in place and fully functional, we plan on having an impromptu Open House.