State of the onion

Well we watched the State of the Union address, but I can’t say I heard much of it. My 9-year-old daughter asked question after question, and I pretty much gave up on listening to the TV. Perhaps the most awesome question she asked was “Mom, what’s the State of the Onion?”
Of course they had that text across the TV screen, and I guess it does sort of look like onion when you sound out the word un – ion.
In other news, we now have a little piggy dog toy that has transformed my life! That might sound crazy, but crazy is as crazy does. You see, my little 1 year old boy loves to climb, and it’s very hard to keep him out of the kitchen sink normally. Every day, I must say “Tucker get down! Stop Climbing!” about a hundred times, at least. And that’s no exaggeration!
But when we were at my mom’s house this past weekend, my daughter picked up this squeaky dog toy in the shape of a pig. When she noticed that her baby brother was scared of it, she proceeded to torture her brother until we took it away.
I could hardly believe that my brave, reckless little boy is scared of anything. I joked that I would take that pig home and put it on top of my kitchen sink by the spigot.
After we got home and he tried to climb in the sink about a dozen more times, that’s exactly what I did. I just set that pig up there. It’s just a little plastic pig, but it makes a crazy noise when you squeeze it, and low and behold, my son has not climbed in the kitchen sink since I put piggy up there. It’s been over 48 hours now….forty-eight hours of peace.
Last weekend, I had an extra lot of fun too. I grew up riding my horse around the ranch, and I always wanted to help my daddy round up the cows, but my horse Dan was what we have determined to be “the slowest horse in the world.” He may have been the best horse in the world, but he wasn’t interested in chasing cows.
But Dan has since passed on, and my new horse Chili Dog has spent plenty of time rounding up cows in his life, so he knows just what to do. So last weekend, I finally got to help my dad round up the cows… may sound silly, but it was a dream come true. What an adventure…I felt just like I was 9 years old again. I haven’t had that much fun in a long, long time. I got a few cactus thorns as we tried to chase some crazy cows out of the brush, but it was just so much fun tracking down the cows and pushing them into the chute.
Anyway, if I was gonna give a State of the Onion address; I’d say the State of the Onion at my house has been pretty darn good!