Road paving updates

Started the end of the paving season project off right….road bladed, primer applied, materials in place. Then, the good Lord decided that we needed rain. He’s always right and has an amazing sense of humor. Weather swelled up, conditions were ripe for a flurd toater and Wednesday morning we commenced to paving…got 2 tenths at my house a couple miles away but, none on site….save a few sprinkles.
We managed to finish before any wet weather set in. Only got one complaint, one thank you and one suggestion on how to improve on what we had done. The complaint was irrelevant, the thank you was sincere and the suggestion was…anyhow, in addition to the 2 tenths on the 6th, we got 3 tenths at the house on the 8th. Brings us to 23.6 inches this year compared to 44.3 inches this time last year.
We had planned on repairing a portion of CR 770 in Great Oaks but, kept running into delays. We will get on it next Spring as soon as we are able to. Then our next big project will be the road from Black Creek to Moore but, just to the County line. It’s 3.8 miles of paving and should take us a month or so to finish. We will be expecting a pie or a cake from Ruth Outlaw during the process to keep us motivated.
Got word from our State Rep. Andy Murr that the Deed to the TxDOT property has been executed. Don’t know if that means it’s been signed and filed or put before a firing squad. Sounds like its moving but, like the line from Outlaw Josey Wales, its “slower’n lasses in wintertime”.
Glad to see that Proposition 4 passed with bout 74% of the vote. That means no State Income Tax…least for the near future. These Constitutional Amendment elections are historically “low turnout” elections and, according to our Elections Administrator, we had bout 11% show up and vote. Folks, we gotta improve our numbers in the upcoming elections cause, it looks like our Country is headed for the cliff above the sewer and some of the choices are out of this world radical.
Am truly impressed with KENS-5 and their $15,000 donation to a charity that buys delinquent medical bills for pennies on the dollar and pays them off for people who cannot afford the ridiculous price of medical care. Here’s a neat idea…when the Candidates for office (that have failed in their attempt to get elected) have leftover campaign funds (like Beto and hopefully Castro) they could donate them to a charity like this one and really make a difference in the lives of the people that they are supposedly concerned about….and you know that they have lotsa leftovers Wanna take bets on whether or not this will happen?
Pam Muennink retired last week. She was the Head Water Moccasin at the Medina County Health Unit for the past long as I can remember. She is a hoot and a lotta fun to mess with cuz, she gives it back. Got some good stories to tell about Pam and her office. Lemme know and I’ll tell you one or two. Really hate to see her go but, retirement is gonna give her time to spend with grandkids and stuff. Love you gal and in 3 years 1 month and 17 days, I look forward to joining you.
Got a letter from AACOG about a grant that would cover tire and electronic disposal. Our Grant person is looking over the Application and will determine if we qualify. We will take care of the tires whenever we get the new location and will let folks know if we get the Grant for electronics disposal.
Uncovered a Stop Sign that was buried near the corner of CR 6612 and Cemetery Road…down the road from the Schott homestead. Won’t mention the Schott girl that buried it but, her name aint Schott no mo…starts with a “C” now. Forty two days Murdock…