Right-of-way shredding underway

Had a good start to 2021 with 0.8 inches of rain on January 10th. Then…the 20th is upon us and there aint nothing we can do about that.
Concerning that last sentence, we (Americans, Texans, Medina County residents) need to become active in our local politics. One person does not influence a Nation wide or State wide election. The only effect we have (as individuals) is locally. However, an active movement that spurs folks to vote in-mass just might return us to civility.
We need to see more than 40 people decide a City Election and more than 800 decide a County Election when there are over 7,600 registered voters in Pct 4 alone. These recent events should have angered and awakened the populace. If not, the United States that our grandparents knew and fought for will no longer exist.
Anyhow, we had a Commissioners Court meeting last week and presented several employees with Service Awards for their tenure with the County. Then we did a whole lotta vacating and replatting before we got updates on the ongoing construction of the Courthouse Annex and Jail expansion. Naturally, there were cost overruns that needed approval but, it still looks like the Annex will be completed in April of this year.
Our tractor/shredder is back outta the shop and Emilio is beginning to shred the right of ways today (Tuesday). He will be able to report those who have neglected to move their private dumpsters from the County right-of-way onto their own property and we can have them picked up. Again, if you are missing one, check with Friendly Glenns wrecker service.
I haven’t heard from the City of Devine or the City of Natalia about which streets need repaving. Guess I’ll know more later on this Spring.