Public Hearing on tax rate Sept. 19

Some folks were blessed with rain this past week and some are still high and dry, waiting for their turn. My daughter got 9 tenths of an inch of rain out on CR 7411 towards Great Oaks Wednesday and I got nothing. I think it’s because she lives next door to the Preacher.
We had some ESD representatives come and present Comm. Ct. with a problem that has arisen due to addressing and associated EMS and Fire issues. These problems are real and are being addressed accordingly. I believe Smiley is gonna write an article on the meeting that took place in the room across the hall from Comm. Ct. on Thursday morning.
The first Public Hearing was held on the 2019-2020 Tax Rate and….drumroll…no one was present to speak either for or against the proposed tax rate of $0.5517 per $100, which is the same as last year. The next Hearing on the Tax Rate is on September 19th at 6 PM in the Medina County Courthouse.
The County made a contribution to the South Texas Regional Training Center in the amount of $10,000. This Center will provide High School students with vocational training such as HVAC and welding….skills used in the real world after High School.
We are making plans to begin paving the remaining portion of CR 6612 (Fish Hatchery Rd) from CR 676 (Cemetery Rd) to FM 463. The start date has not been determined yet.
Evidently, someone had their dumpster collected or disagrees with the Statute against “all obstructions” (dumpsters) in the County right-of-way and felt the need to bring up a perceived problem that “our Commissioner is ignoring” in the form of a Letter to the Editor. The area in question is a stretch of the northbound IH 35 access road just north of FM 471.
This particular area, and everything along both IH 35 and FM 471 is Right of Way belonging to the State of Texas, not the County of Medina and our County Commissioner has no control over it at all. The State of Texas (Texas Department of Transportation) is responsible for the traffic control signage along IH 35 so, the County is not responsible for erecting “No Parking” signs along this Interstate Highway nor is the County tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up the trash and debris left by those that park there…or repairing the damage done to the roadway. Our County Commissioner is not a commissioned Peace Officer and cannot ticket the truckers that park there.
As I have stated numerous times in the past, we cannot fix a problem unless we know about it so, call the office (830) 665-8015 or my cell phone (210) 244-3413 and we will address the issue in a timely manner….not through misinformation and misconception as in this instance.
So, Anna Mae Rooks, I have taken your information and passed it along to the proper agency (TxDOT). This is the ONLY remedy that our Commissioner has available to address the problem you have brought to his attention… and this could have been done in person or over the phone.
Less than a hunnerd days till Christmas…72 days until you can legally put up Christmas decorations and I dunno how many days till it cools off. Keep praying for rain or move out next to the Preacher.