Pointy tails are hard to wrap

We had a great Christmas. We didn’t put our gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve, because I knew our little rubble rouser would be chomping at the bit to open them. Sure enough, as soon as we brought them out, he proceeded to shake and feel his gifts enough that “a big dino tail popped out!” and then another.
Dinos are pointy and hard to wrap, so his old tail popped out pretty easily. You should have heard our little Dino man’s excitement though, as he began to spot tails here, there, and everywhere, under the tree.
As usual, the day after Christmas, I started finding some of the first Christmas gifts I had bought, which I hid really, really good. I texted my mom to say “Well, I found your presents today.” I felt bad as I hadn’t even realized I’d left it behind. She replied, “That’s okay, I just found your husband’s present too.”
How does that old saying go?…Like mother, like daughter?
One of my favorite presents this year, is a box of chocolates that my sister gave me, with little notes under each one for me. I am trying to open them slowly, one a day, but it’s hard, cause they are so much fun to read. This is something I have done for several of my family members as gifts, and it is fun to be on the receiving end of chocolate notes this time. I’d recommend this gift idea to anyone. It takes more time, but doesn’t cost much, and means so much.
My sweet sister said she wrote my chocolate notes at 4 am in the morning, because she procrastinated so long (she gets that from me). So, there’s a lot of love and dedication and a few sleepy misspellings in that chocolate box! And dang good chocolates too.