Newlywed searching for a Type O kidney donor

Newlywed 28-year-old Lauren (Navarro) Norsworthy went into the hospital last year, thinking she had a simple case of pneumonia, but doctors quickly discovered devastating news…she was experiencing renal failure. Now the Navarro family is desperately searching for a blood type O kidney donor for their daughter Lauren.
Lauren is the daughter of Jeff and Tricia Navarro of Devine. Lauren grew up in Devine and now lives in Fayetteville with her new husband and stepson Stetson.
Tricia, hoped to be able to donate a kidney to her daughter, but the family received even more devastating news last week.
“Watching my daughter after her diagnosis of End Stage Kidney Failure has made me so proud to be her mom,” Tricia Navarro said. “Most people that know her have witnessed how strong she has been throughout this past year. If you didn’t know she was sick – you wouldn’t be able to tell it by looking at her… She has faced this with such a strength that only God could have given her.”

‘”Watching her deal with her day to day trials of dialysis breaks my heart,” Tricia said. “Last week was a roller coaster of a week–going from being approved as a donor from all the testing over several months and thinking I could be a kidney donor for my daughter–and then to being told ‘no’ from the surgeon due to my Lupus Anticoagulant antibody being too high…. I just felt numb, but I know God has a better kidney out there for my beautiful daughter!”
Lauren (Navarro) attended Kindergarten through Sophomore year in Devine schools until moving to Stevens High School in San Antonio, where she graduated with the Class of 2009. She went on to play college softball at Midland College. Lauren recently got married this March to husband Ty Norsworthy, and they live in Fayetteville, TX with step son Stetson.
The diagnosis came on quickly, and Lauren is now on dialysis 7 days a week.
“Last March I was put in the local hospital, thinking I had pneumonia. As they started testing, they found out my creatin (kidney function) level was at a 6, which is super low, so they put me in an ambulance and took me to College Station to Baylor Scott and White hospital for more tests. Within the first couple hours, countless blood test, and a kidney biopsy, they came back and told me I was in end stage renal failure. They also detected a kidney disease, which I have had since I was little that I did not know about. “
“After 3 months of hemo dialysis, which I did 3 days a week for 4 hours, my dialysis nurse gave me the option of a at-home dialysis called PD dialysis, which is better because it doesn’t make me sick and I can live somewhat of a normal life. So June 2018, I got a catheter in my stomach put in and started PD dialysis at home 7 days a week for 9 hours at night.”
Brother, Justin Navarro, stated, “Lauren is such a great person with a heart of gold, and has so much of her life ahead of her. I hate that she’s been dealt the cards she has, but she’s truly a fighter. She hasn’t given up on top of all of this. She has recently married and is an amazing stepmother to Stetson. Despite her health issue, she’s giving life 110%.
If you want to help, you can call Lauren’s mother, Tricia Navarro at 210-632-9568, and or go to this website:
💥 click the living donor tab and in the first paragraph click on health history questionnaire
💥 open kidney donor
💥 name Lauren Navarro
💥 date of birth September 19, 1990
“You can fill out an application online, then the Transplant center will contact you and get them in for blood work. But the application is the first step to getting the process started. A donor would need to be O positive or negative blood type.”
The family is hoping that Lauren’s story will be shared across all 50 states when this story hits newspapers and social media.
“Please share my story and help me find my match.”