Natalia’s school district
switching to 4-days a week
Majority of year, begins next fall

Majority of year, begins next fall

At a special board meeting this Monday, April 3, the Natalia school board voted for some big changes for the upcoming school year. They adopted the 2023-2024 Academic Calendar on a unanimous 6-0 vote with a student start date of August 8 and an end date of May 31.
Fridays are now marked as “holidays” for the majority of the school calendar. According to the district, September – April will have four-day weeks with Fridays off. However, classes will be held on Fridays in August and May (the first and last months of school).
The many four day weeks will mean adjusting the hours too, which are set for 8AM- 4:15PM for all school days.
The calendar was recommended by the Natalia ISD District Education Improvement Committee (DEIC) with input from administration, staff and the community.
Last summer, the Texas Tribune reported on the large numbers of rural Texas school districts transitioning to 4-day weeks, many to attract and retain new teachers as hiring becomes harder and harder.