Natalia Police Report June 9-14

June 9
7:57 PM – Officer responded to the 100 blk of Depot Street for disturbance between a male and a female. Officer made location and found a female seated in her vehicle in front of the residence. Female was asked if she was injured in anyway, to which she responded no. Female stated she and her ex-boyfriend were having issues after a recent break-up. An argument broke out between the two, yelling and screaming. By the time officer made location the male subject had departed. Officer then made contact with the male subject at the 400 block of 34rd Street. He was asked if he was injured, to which he stated no. The male was asked his side of the argument. The male stated the argument started over a cell phone. But that he departed location before it got really bad.
June 10
10:28 AM – Officer responded to the Natalia Jr High School for a student who was not in class at school. The student was dropped off at the Jr. High School by a parent. The student was attending summer classes. A check was done on the student after classes had started; the student was not present in class. Officer was able to locate the student as students were driving back up to the school.
2:32 PM – Officer responded to the 700 blk of 3rd Street for dogs barking uncontrollably contained within the residence. Officer made location of the residence and attempted to make contact with the homeowner. No response with anyone at the residence other than the barking dogs. Officer made contact with the next door neighbor who is a family member to the owner of the barking dogs. He will be getting the dog’s owner regarding the dogs.
8:40 PM – Officer responded to the Love’s Travel Stop on FM 471, for a reported crash between two large tractors in the parking lot. Contact was made with the drivers where all information was gathered then the information on the drivers and vehicles were exchanged and a blue form was issued.
June 12
12:42 PM – Officer responded to 2900 State Highway N of Natalia, Texas. Disturbance between a female and male as the couple were walking on TX 132. Officers made location and searched the area but were unable to locate.
1:13 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of 7th Street for a disturbance. At location contact was made with the complainant who stated her brother had been knocking on the front door wanting to get in. She would not let him in. The brother after a short time and not being able to get in the residence departed location. Officer attempted to locate the brother but was unable to.
1:50 PM – Officer responded to the 1500 block of CR 772 to assist EMS on a medical call. Officer assisted EMS with loading the patient into the EMS unit.
June 13
3:07 PM – Officer responded to the 500 block of 5th Street for a disturbance. At location officer was informed of a argument between two girls over cooking food. By the time the officer made location one half of the party had departed location and the other half of the party was just about to depart location. No one wanted to file any charges.
3:34 PM – Officer was dispatched to the Love’s Travel Stop on FM 471 for a large tractor leaking some type of liquid on the interstate. The caller reported the tractor as it was heading south on IH 35 and exiting at the 127 exit and parking n the large tractor parking side of Love’s. Officer located the tractor and observed the clear liquid on the ground coming from the air conditioning unit of the trailer.
10:30 PM – Officer was dispatched to the 2300 block of Texas Highway 132 for a reported reckless driver. Said driver a male, was reported to be driving a Dodge Truck out from a business as the truck was departing the driver started peeling out of the parking lot. Attempts were made to locate the truck and driver but were unable to.
June 14
1:09 AM – Officer was dispatched to the 19700 block of FM 471 for a one vehicle crash. At location contact was made with the driver of the crash. Driver stated as she was heading into Natalia she was crossing the railroad tracks and the truck started pulling to the right side of the roadway. The driver was attempting to bring the truck to a stop when the truck pulled to the right and rolled over the guardrail, landing upside down at the bottom of the creek bed. Driver was uninjured but was checked out by EMS.
11:22 AM – Officer was dispatched to Dollar General Store on FM 471 for an unwanted subject at the premises. Officer made location where officer was informed by the store’s manager of an unwanted person in the store. Officer was directed to this person by the manager, and the person was informed by the manager he was not wanted on the premises and not to return. Officer issued the subject a written criminal trespass warning, which the subject signed and informed not to return to the store.
12:40 PM – Officer was dispatched to IH 35 at FM 471 overpass intersection north bound for a crash. The crash was between two vehicles; one had rear-ended the other at the stop sign. EMS was called to the scene to check out the drivers, one driver was transported to the hospital. The driver who caused the crash was cited and released.