06/06/24- Threats – Officer on duty was waved down by a individual who wanted to report a online IG threat made against her minor son. The complainant provided the Officer with all the information and documentation and a report was filed.

06/06-2024-Fire – While making city rounds the Officer on duty noticed white smoke coming from a resident’s backyard. The Officer found the location the smoke was coming from and stopped. The Officer proceeded to walk over to the property and observed a small fire burning in a barrel. The Officer made contact with the resident owner who stated her son had started the fire. Contact was made with the son who was advised that burning was not permitted within the city limits and a citation was issued.
06/06/2024- Welfare Concern – Officer on duty was dispatched to the area near the Beverage Express on Highway 132 for an individual walking around in his underwear and T-shirt and then proceeded to lay down in the street. The Officer on duty took a statement from the individual and provided him with a Gatorade. The individual was disoriented and appeared to be dehydrated so EMS was requested.
06/07/2024-AOA – While on duty the Officer on duty was waived down by a member of the NVFD who requested assistance with a heavy lift situation. The Officer assisted NVFD place an individual in the EMS vehicle and returned to service.
06/08/2024- Information – Officer on duty responded to a report of a disturbance at the Chubby’s gas station involving a subject who was very upset after being asked to leave the store. The subject wiped off his items off the counter onto the floor. Upon arrival at the location contact was made with the Store Manager who gave the Officer the name of the subject and the reason he was asked to leave the store. The Manager requested a Criminal Trespass citation be issued, however the Officer was unable to locate the individual.
06/09/2024-Information – The Officer on duty was contacted by MCSO Dispatch regarding an individual who wanted to report information of a possible sexual assault which the complainant heard about while attending a high school graduation party. The Officer proceeded to obtain information about all parties involved or associated with this alleged incident. The parties involved and the parents came into the police department to make a written statement regarding the events which had occurred.