Moore Community Improvement Club raised over $5,000, to meet Aug. 4

The Moore Community Improvement Club had a very successful Summer Fest Event in which we raised over $5,000. This money will be invested into our club whether it is used for facility upgrades and maintenance or used to provide us with a bigger budget for future events and service projects. However it’s used, it will all go towards the betterment and improvement of the Moore Community as a whole and all of our funds will continue to be reallocated and cycled within our community members and beyond.
The Moore Community Club would like to thank Frio County and Pearsall ISD for helping us maintain our property grounds and facilities. With joint efforts, they have provided us with a newly painted pavilion and picnic benches, new basketball hoops, and cleared out some brush for us to extend parking and/or festivities onto! You all worked rain or shine and we could not be more appreciative for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. We hope to continue in our partnership towards making our community successful and working towards the future in long term goals and living up to Moore’s potential.
We hope Summer Fest didn’t just serve as a time of fun and games but also as motivation for you and your family to continue to support our community and come together. Don’t hesitate to come join us at our next meeting on August 4 and at our Moore Monster Mash on October 30. We love to see people come out and support us but we love having additional and new people come to our meetings even more!