Lytle looks to upgrade buses

By Brianna Paredes
Devine News Intern
This report summarizes some of the actions taken by the Lytle School Board at its regular meeting, May 20, 2024 at 6:00 P.M. Jeremy Davenport, Bobby Duty, LeAnna Mask, Alan Brown, Bobby Sollock, Reagan Wagner were the 6 board members in attendance this evening.
District Fleet Inventory
Lytle School District is currently running 13 different routes every day through the utilization of 15 buses. However, some buses are reserved for short distances within district grounds. The board noted it’s in the district’s best interest to add a couple more new buses with plans to retire a few significantly aged busses though it’s not in the budget this year. It was noted that there are 6 buses on the road without seatbelts every day, due to…